Inside the Pickleball Boom

Pickleball is sweeping the nation. Find out why this racquet sport is so popular and how the game is played.

Pickleball—the racquet sport created one summer day to combat boredom—is sweeping across the United States. The 50-year-old sport now has more than 150,000 players in the U.S. and has been called the fastest-growing sport in America by NBC News. It’s a phenomenon unlike any other sport predominantly played by seniors. The courts are shorter—four to a regulation tennis court—the racquets are paddles, and they play with waffle balls. And they have fun! Click the link below to read more! Source: Inside the Pickleball Boom We have set up a portable court in our rec hall!

Best Things About Being Retired –

Retirement isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning!  If you’ve fantasized about impending retirement—the next 20-30 years to live your life as you wish—you’re not residing in LaLa Land. It really can be as good as they say. (And if you’re completely opposite and dreading retirement—nothing to do, feeling a lack of purpose—don’t worry. Retirement may sound daunting, but it comes with incredible gifts. Think of it as living off “investments”—a time to cash in on all the time and energy you’ve put in to your life. Here are nine things you can look forward to.

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