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Technology and the Senior Citizen

As our business here has been increasing our internet presence, I have been thinking more and more about how our residents use their technology.  I found it interesting to note that there is quite a large range of usage within our community, from not at all, up to daily dependence on it.

According to the Brookings Institute, seniors spend most of their time online communicating with friends, shopping, and searching for health information.  Nearly seventy-one percent of those who use the internet go online almost every day. Many of the internet using seniors believe that “people without internet access are at a real disadvantage because of all the information they might be missing,” Most of them think that “the internet makes it much easier to find information today than in the past.” In a research study at Loughborough University, older adults reported that being online gave them more social support. They also reported feeling more mentally alert, challenged, useful, and younger.

Only 27% of senior adults use social media (46% of online seniors) even though online connections may enhance their social interactions and reduce isolation. Also, 81% of those seniors who report using social media say they socialize with others on a daily or near-daily basis (compared to 71% of those who are online but do not use social networking sites and 63% of seniors who are not online at all).

Here at Twin Lakes, we have tried to create more opportunities for social media interactions with our residents through our Facebook page, Youtube Videos, and this website with its blog posts and community forum page that invites users to participate.

Last November, a documentary called “Cyber Seniors” aired on a PBS channel that explored the interactions of seniors and technology.  The trailer is below:

If you would like to watch the whole thing, click the link below

Cyber Seniors on PBS

‘Tis the Season…

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Caroling.  Even here in South Texas, we get into the spirit of Christmas by listening to Carolers, or going out and doing some Caroling ourselves.

12th and 13th century Caroling looked quite different than it does today.  According to a Time Magazine article, caroling wasn’t always about Christmas.  Musicologist, Daniel Abraham says “Medieval carols were liturgical songs reserved for processionals in the 12th and 13th centuries. And though modern carols sometimes take their form from these original carols — starting with a refrain, followed by verses of uniform structure — they’re separate entities.”

For more information read the Time Magazine article (here).

Today we were privileged to listen to the LaJoya High School Choir sing some Christmas Carols for us.

McAllen Holiday Parade!

ctaThe 2016 McAllen Holiday Parade, presented by La Plaza Mall, is looking for the young, and young at heart, to be a part of the tradition of making dreams come true for everyone at this year’s magical celebration. The parade, to be held on Saturday, December 3, 2016, is the largest illuminated holiday and helium balloon parade in Texas. The parade features more than 50 vibrant lighted floats, 36 larger than life inflatable character balloons, 13 bands and a celebrity filled line-up and this year, features the musical theme of Entertainment on Parade.

The one and a half mile long parade route begins at 6 PM, starting from McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium, 3129 Galveston Avenue, where reserved seating is available and heads south on Bicentennial Boulevard to U.S. Business 83, where free seating is available along the route on a first come, first serve basis.

You can purchase reserve seating from Boy Scout Troop #84. Call Lori Rodriguez 956-458-3813


Ring in the new year with Mariachi Aztlan!

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley invites the public to celebrate the pageantry and beauty of the Mariachi tradition!
Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 7:30. Also 3 PM on Saturday Jan 30th and Sund Jan 31st at the Performing Arts Complex- Edinburg Campus
$10 general admission – Tickets available 1 hour before the show.

Source: PowerPoint Presentation – Mariachi Aztlan Ring in the new year flyer Jan 2016.pdf